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About wooden-heart

Wooden-heart is the project of hand-made design furniture, interior decor, kitchen tools and other wooden products, using our experience both in woodworking and in psychology. In Wooden Heart, we believe in a personal approach to each client. Understanding the needs of the customer, his desires and preparing a proposal suitable for him, based on his unique personal qualities and characteristics. Using the knowledge of psychology allows us to achieve a unique solution for your project that would meet all your features, your unique personality.
We use only natural materials, high-quality wood, ecologically friendly varnishes and paints that will suit all members of your family and your house will be not only beautiful and cozy, but also safe

About Lev Kegeles

This is the project of Lev Kegeles, a woodworker from Tel Aviv - Jaffo. Lev moved to Israel from Russia, where he studied psychology at the
university and made a career in an advertising business. Finally, he tired from all of this and decided to start doing what he really wanted - to be a woodworker
, using the accumulated experience of working with people, helping them to reveal their own characteristics, take them into account in the creation of interior items and everyday life
Lev started working with wood to make cutting boards, spoons and other things for the kitchen. This naturally evolved into making some furniture for himself and his friends. Gradually it turned into Wooden-Heart!

Email us for any questions, and we will try to answer as quickly as possible.

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